I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free

(Tôi thấy thiên thần trong đá và tôi tạc tượng để giải thoát anh ấy tự do)

- Michelangelo -

(1475 - 1564)

About Us

Our Story​

Maestro Equity Partners supports founders of growing consumer companies with proven products, offering professionalization assistance to address organizational constraints. Beyond capital, Maestro provides sector-specific expertise, backing a maximum of five companies simultaneously for optimal impact.

Our Team​

We are dedicated to helping founders and companies maximize their potential. The team, with international experience in retail and F&B sectors, provides capital, expertise, and significant time commitment to ensure partnership success with companies of varied sizes and life cycles.

Investment Strategy

We are the ideal fit for founders searching for a strategic partner while they still desire to maintain operational control.
We are the first professional investor for companies that create products people love but face operational challenges from rapid expansion.


What is the role of a growth equity partner, and how can it benefit my business?

A growth equity partner is an investor who provides capital and expertise to fuel the expansion of your business. They typically focus on companies with proven revenue and market traction, aiming to accelerate growth. By partnering with a growth equity firm, you can access additional funding, industry connections, strategic guidance, and operational support to help scale and standardize the processes of your business and achieve your growth objectives sustainably.

What criteria does your private equity company consider when evaluating potential investment opportunities?

Our private equity company focuses on investing in promising companies in Southeast Asia that demonstrate strong growth potential. While specific criteria may vary, we typically look for companies with a track record of revenue growth, a scalable business model, and a competitive advantage in their target market. We also evaluate the management team’s expertise, the market size and dynamics, and the potential for value creation through our partnership.

How involved will your private equity company be in the day-to-day operations of my business?

As a growth equity partner, we aim to work collaboratively with entrepreneurs and respect the autonomy of the management team. While we may provide guidance and strategic advice, our involvement in day-to-day operations typically varies depending on the business’s specific needs. We value open communication and seek to be supportive partners in driving growth and maximizing value.

What is the typical investment horizon of your private equity company?

Our private equity company generally has a medium- to long-term investment horizon, typically from three to seven years. However, the actual investment duration can vary depending on various factors, including the growth trajectory of the company and the market conditions. We aim to align our interests with the entrepreneurs and work together to achieve sustainable long-term growth.

How can I initiate a conversation with your private equity firm to explore a potential partnership?

We encourage entrepreneurs seeking a growth equity partner to contact us through our website or the contact information provided. You can submit a brief introduction about your company, including key highlights such as revenue growth, market position, and your growth plans. Our team will carefully review the information and, if there is a potential fit, initiate a confidential discussion to explore the partnership further.