Investment Strategy

We are the ideal fit for founders searching for a strategic partner while they still desire to maintain operational control.
We are the first professional investor for companies that create products people love but face operational challenges from rapid expansion.

Strong from the Foundation

We work closely with founders providing financial, legal, and operational support, starting from building solid teams around them to sustain their growth nationally and internationally. We utilize our team’s knowledge and our network of industry contacts to provide insight and direction that partner companies may not have initially had access to.

Partners from
the start

We enjoy partnering with companies before an initial investment to ensure their organization is ready to take on new capital and a new trajectory. Pre-investment, we provide financial and legal restructuring support to prepare companies for a solid and long-lasting relationship.

More than

Aside from the traditional support we provide in corporate governance and financial management, we help our partner companies implement and execute high-impact projects in the following areas: Business Strategy, Human Resources, Business Digitalization, Geographic Expansion,Product Development, and Analytics.

Investment Type

We acquire significant minority positions (>30%) in profitable and growing private consumer businesses, and occasionally we acquire majority positions.

Companies we invest in provide products and services to the South East Asian middle class that enjoys an upscale lifestyle. These businesses have proven business models but need financial support to speed up their expansion and operational support to improve processes and strengthen their teams.


For Owners

For Managers, Consultants, and Staffs

Size of Investments and Timeline

We invest from $5 to 20 mil for a significant minority position. After an introductory meeting, if the business meets our criteria, we collect basic information to provide an initial valuation and prepare a letter of interest to set the premises for our partnership. Once the parties agree on key terms, the capital deployment happens about 6 months after the company has been legally and financially prepared and an operational plan created for the newly established partnership.

Confidential Data Gathering

  • Initial step involves signing an NDA for information confidentiality.
  • Utilize a preliminary data checklist to collect essential financial, legal, and operational data.

Business Assessment

  • Analyze received data to gauge business potential and identify improvement opportunities.
  • Request additional documents if necessary during this evaluation phase.

Expression of Interest

  • Issue a Letter of Interest if potential is identified, outlining key terms for partnership.
  • Provide a strategic presentation on proposed business improvements and support areas.

Due Diligence

  • Commence comprehensive due diligence upon mutual agreement, validating provided data.
  • Finalize financial audit and enhance the legal and post-investment plans.

Document Preparation and Restructuring

  • Simultaneously address financial restructuring, legal document preparation, and operational planning.
  • Engage legal professionals in the process.

Capital Deployment

  • Upon resolution of legal conditions precedent, deploy capital to company.
  • Timelines contingent on the complexity of legal matters.